Augmented Reality

For the Next Leap

Experiencing a Product Before Purchasing

Mobile devices have become an important element for making decisions for purchasing a product. AR created a new digital experience for the brands to interact with consumers on their mobile devices.

Make Your Prints Tell Your Story

Traditional prints is less engaging for your customers. Make it AR-enabled to give them a whole different experience by bringing it to life through videos or 3D with an ability to view reports on engagement.

Deliver the Message Differently

Providing valuable knowledge in a way that is easily understandable is the success in education.  Using AR content in education can greatly improve your information delivery.

Bring Properties into Customer's Homes

The Real Estate industry is among the best users of AR to bring their structures to a live environment for the customers to see before making their lifetime investment.

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Augmented Reality Solutions To Reach the Audiance Differently

In today’s dynamic market, being unique is essential to shine bright among the competition. Be among the first to adopt to Augmented Reality to take your business to that apex.

Augmented Reality Solutions To Reach the Audiance Differently

Apply your own branding to our AR app solution and get going in really simple and easy steps to have your own unique app in the market literally in no time.

Do clients hesitate to install apps on their mobiles? We have the solution for that too, with Web-based AR, your client never have to download your app to get the AR experience

Track the performance of your AR campaign with the built-in analytics and reporting to track the number of views, click-throughs and number of other important engagement metrics.


Everything You Expect is Right in the App for You

Number of features to bring the best out of your ideas. Print to Video, Print to 3D, Cylindrical Video, Verticle video, green-screened videos, markerless AR and many other cool features to bring your AR idea out to the customers the best way.


Augmented Reality Without an App

Simply scan a QR code to launch the camera on the browser, point your phone at the AR-enabled image, and enjoy the AR experience without the APP. You can still use call-to-actions, reporting and also have your own branded splash page.


Your Own White Labeled App In a Flash

Having your own branded Augmented Reality app is now a reality with our white labelled AR solution that enables you to have your own AR app for Apple and Android within just a short period of time at a competitive price.

Create a customer experience that rocks!

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